Vergilius - carved PC case mod

The great thing about this job is you tend to come across some really cool case mods. This mod falls in a category all its own, I would expect to see this kind of case in an art gallery rather than someone's home.

I tend to swell with pride over my case, purchased via the internet, with it's glowing eyes and illuminated spider. However, I feel like I might as well have a standard Dell case in comparison to this guy's work.

Valery Zhuk of Pervomysk, Ukraine is woodworker specializing in wood carving. He carved this case from wood (obviously) and calls it Vergilius. I don't think my house is quite worthy of such a case, however, whith his obvious skills his home is likely much more immaculate than my own. I changed my mind, this job is going to make me go bankrupt trying to get cases that are way out of my price range.

Vergilius: Intricately Carved PC Case Mod [via neatorama]