USB to Carry HD Video with DRM

A new variant of USB will be announced on next year to implement HD DRM content used in personal media players or mobile device and Digital Display. The wired version from USB Implementers Forum is designed to move compressed high def video between displays and mobile devices. The technology allows developer to implement HDMI existing HDCP layer on top of the new USB variant.

Whether it aims for USB 2.0 or the coming 3.0 platform, it would be a direct challenge to the IEEE group for DRM. Up until now, Firewire has been the standard for interconnecting media device's Digital Transmission Content Protection, aka DTCP or 5C protection that widely used in Cable HD DVR and DVHS recorders. We aren't sure how far the new USB DRM scheme will end up but hope it didn't just stop at mobile devices. On the wireless side, Kleer Corp announces wireless SD video transfer up to 1.5 Mbits/s on its proprietary wireless audio technology used in wireless ear buds for MP3 Player.

USB, Kleer plug into digital TVs [via EEtimes]