USB Metal Game Pad for NES on your PC

Emily Price - Aug 25, 2008
USB Metal Game Pad for NES on your PC

If you still long for the good old days of SNES, now you can relive them on your home computer with a new and updated controller. The “USB Metal Game Pad” is a USB controller for your PC that is created in the style of the old SNES controllers.

Just like your traditional SNES controller, the USB Metal Game Pad has an 8-way directional pad, star/select buttons, shoulder triggers, and four game buttons. The controller has a 6 foot USB cable, a rubber coated “base” for grip control

All the controller needs to work is a PC running Vista, 2000, or XP, 50MB of available hard drive space, a VGA of better resolution monitor, and a sound card. Check it out here on the developer, Dream Cheeky’s website. No word on pricing or availability.

[via Technabob]

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