U.S. Army making use of Apple Mac computers

Apparently ever since 2005 the Army has slowly been integrating Apple technology into their systems. Not a big deal you might say, but they are doing it for security reasons, which is a new one by me.

Apparently they aren't really depending on the built in security of the individual Mac system, but the security offered by having different types of hardware and different operating systems, security by obscurity. The high prices of the hardware have kept the military from buying into a large number of the systems, but the fact that the Common Access Cards now work on Macs makes the decision to buy more a little easier.

Right now they have about 20k of the systems in use compared to the 700k other computers they are using. They are only buying about 2k more each year too, which may be a lot, but doesn't really diversify their systems much as it were.

U.S. Army Begins Using Macs [via digitaltrends]