University of Florida Launches StarCraft Course

Ever wondered how video games could be incorporated into a major university? And we're not talking about them just being at parties. No, we mean really incorporated. While we may have always been dreaming about playing video games while we were in class, apparently the University of Florida wants to take it one step further, and actually put a video game into a classroom. And, not just as an entertainment getaway for students with a huge test to finish. No, they want StarCraft to actually be the class.

Apparently, the University of Florida agrees with one Ph.D candidate, named Nate Poling, that the PC-based video game, called StarCraft can indeed help students with real world experiences. The game itself, mind you, is set in the future, where humans must face a two-sided war against alien species called the Zerg and Protoss. The title is a Real-Time Strategy (RTS) game, and makes the player use methods to manage units, money, and groups with different capabilities.

The course is called EME2040: 21st Century Skills in StarCraft, and it will be open to students with at least a "basic knowledge of and experience playing StarCraft." So, if you find yourself a newbie to the title, don't expect to get in. Poling, who will be leading the course, says that his problem solving skills in the real world are much the same as the ones he utilizes in StarCraft, and believes that if a student uses his class, and that of the traditional classroom (meaning, those old boring classes,), that they could potentially think outside of the box, and create a dynamic and innovative business practice. Frankly, we just think it's awesome. Any students in Florida going to take a shot at this?



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