UDC OLED display is less than 50 micrometers thin

We hear a lot of companies claiming to have super thin devices here on SlashGear, but I think we've just hit the motherload. Check out this OLED display from UDC. It's super thin, super flexible and pretty impressive.


UDC have used thin metal foils for the displays, apparently because they have great barrier properties and are really flexible. After that, however, they had to find a way to develop a "flexible thin film permeation barrier." And since OLEDs can break down when exposed to water and air, they came up with a new material that is flexible and makes for a "highly impermeable barrier layer."

This is really exciting news, because just look at how thin that is. And with an environmentally-friendly and inexpensive approach, OLEDs are coming that much closer to the standard consumer market.

[via OLED-Info]