Uberclok - There's a new gaming PC company in town

I'm one of those people that researches every piece of my computer, then buys each separately and assembles it myself. I've always had better experiences doing things that way, and I know that I get the best bang for my buck. Plus there's just something relaxing about putting together a system that I love. For those hardcore gamers that don't have the time to research power supplies and RAM speeds, there's another new high-end PC maker just waiting to get your business.

Uberclok has only two systems that they are currently offering, the Ion and the Reaktor. I'm guessing these are the guys that make it cool to replace your "c's" with "k's." The Ion is their low-end (if you can call it that) machine which will start out at $1,500 and will get you a smooth gaming experience with standard options like 2GB of RAM, an Nvidia 8800 GTS with 320MB of memory and dual 250GB hard drives.

The Reaktor has a lot more to offer in the way of upgrades. For instance you can upgrade your single Nvidia 8800 GTX to a pair of 8800 Ultras and get higher grade memory and a better Nvidia 680i LT SLI motherboard.

One thing that really stood out to me is that the default OS is Windows XP Pro. They give you the option of running Vista for no extra cost (though Ultimate will set you back $50). It's good to see that they recognize XP is still better for gaming despite its lack of DirectX 10 support. What upsets me is that their low-end system doesn't even give you the option of dual GPUs. Do you really need to make people pay an extra $1,500 to get SLI? (That's the cost of the Reaktor + the upgrade) If you're going to sell it as a Gaming PC, at least give us the option for SLI.

Uberclok Opens Doors in U.S. with Overclocked Gaming PCs [via i4u]