Turntable iPhone Dock puts iPhone into a record player

We like a good concept product around here and a cool one has turned up over on Yanko Design today. The concept combines old school with new high tech gear in a way that looks modern and retro at the same time. The device is a handmade turntable that is constructed from wood and has an aluminum turntable for your old vinyl records. The concept reminds me of a giant turntable that my mom had when I was a kid in the 70's.

The left side of the concept is the shiny turntable that looks cool and the other side has a dock that you can plug your iPhone into. The concept has tech that would take those vinyl records, encode them to MP3 format, and shoot them over to your iPhone to take with you on the go. The designer also would put an amp and speakers inside for room filling sound.

Presumably, you would be able to play your MP3 tunes back over the device too so you can jam to your iPhone if you want rather than your vinyl. The concept was designed by Oliver Meynard. I am sure he would like to see the thing come to stores near you, but as with all concepts that isn't likely to happen. I wonder if the actual physical prototype the guy built works at all, or if it is just to look at.

[via YankoDesign]