TRON Watch Concept Design Uses Hexa-Slots to Tell Time

We're certainly covering the gamut of possible gadgets that could be inspired, and themed, by the recently released TRON: Legacy movie. While the orange-hued Xbox 360 controller and real-life light cycles may be the coolest "real" gadgets we've seen, this concept design from designer Abhinav Dapke has us hoping that some watch designer out there will pick up the reigns and make this watch real.

Like most "fancy" or "futuristic" watches, it's more about how the device looks, as opposed to actually telling what time it is. The TRON watch is no different. While the device will easily tell you what hour of the day it is, you'll have to use some brainpower to figure out the actual minutes. Why? Because it uses "five minute hexa-slots" to tell the minutes. If we had to guess, after staring at the watch for several minutes, it counts from left-to-right, and fills a dot every five minutes. So, in the images, we think it's 5:25, but we have no idea if that's AM or PM.

The watch is just a concept design right now, so don't pull out your wallet thinking you can buy this, and put it on your wrist. However, with as much hype as the movie is receiving, and with Disney trying to promote it as much as possible, it's possible that it sees the light of day some time in the future.

[via Yanko Design]