Toyota using Nintendo DS as GPS remote control

The Nintendo DS is finding all sorts of uses outside of gaming, from school use to museum touring. And now the handheld can fill a new role in Toyota vehicles. In Japan, Toyota has begun offering a game card called Kuruma de DS, which allows DS owners to pair their handheld with their Toyota Smart Navi car navigation system so that the DS can be used like a remote control by passengers.

The Kuruma de DS game card is Bluetooth-enabled for connecting to the Smart Navi system and offers an interface with Nintendo Mii characters. With the game card, passengers can use the Nintendo DS handheld to enter destinations and save places to the DS. It also shows maps and sightseeing information directly on the handheld.

Although the system may seem a bit kiddy, there's nothing kid about when it comes to the price. Just the Smart Navi car navigation system itself costs ¥206,850 (US$2,586). The Kuruma de DS must purchased separately from Toyota for ¥7,329 ($92). And then of course you would still need to buy the Nintendo DS if you don't already have one.

[via Kotaku]