Toyota Camer Monitors Sleepy Drivers

Christina Crouch - Jan 29, 2008

I don’t condone driving while you’re sleepy, not one bit, and I’m not above calling someone to come and get me if I don’t think I’m fully alert and able to drive. I’ve seen too many people get hurt or killed due to car accidents and that’s why I love this idea from Toyota to install face monitoring cameras that will wake up those of you who don’t know your limit.

The camera, like I said, monitors the drivers’ face/eyes for signs of sleepiness. If you’re attention goes off the road for a certain amount of time it emits a loud alarm to get your attention and if that’s not enough it’ll apply the brakes on it’s own to prevent a crash.

This device has already been installed in the Lexus LS600H and Toyota plans to put it in more of its cars in the future. I say, thank goodness for people like Toyota who help keep the roads safer.

[via Gizmodo]

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