Toshiba debuts FlashAir 8GB SDHC card with WLAN

Toshiba is announcing a new SDHC memory card called the FlashAir that is WiFi-enabled. The card features an embedded wireless LAN that allows it to both transmit and receive files wirelessly. The FlashAir is being touted as the world's first SDHC memory card with embedded wireless LAN functionality to meet the SD Memory Card Standard.

But before you jump on that claim, pointing to the Eye-Fi as a pre-existing WiFi-enabled SD card, the FlashAir works a bit differently. Whereas the Eye-Fi could only transmit files from a camera directly to a computer or smartphone, the FlashAir can do the same but also receive and transfer peer-to-peer.

The FlashAir lets users transfer photos and other data to and from computers and smartphones over WiFi, but also can transfer wirelessly to and from other digital cameras that are FlashAir compliant. The 8GB Class 6 card will be sampled starting November but will not begin sales until February 2012. Also, no pricing information has been announced yet.

The card will be shown off during IFA 2011, where there's been a deluge of exciting announcements this morning, including the Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7, the Galaxy Note, and the Toshiba AT200. More cool gadgets are sure to come throughout this week so stay tuned here on SlashGear as we're in Berlin covering the event from September 2-7.