Toshiba’s Fuel Cell powered PMP

James Allan Brady - Oct 8, 2007

The fuel cell has almost 100% Methanol inside and powers the PMP for 10 hours of 1seg. That’s right 1seg is another technology we aren’t blessed with here, regardless, I would assume on the power consumption chart it would probably be somewhere in between WiFi or Bluetooth and our current TV wireless broadcasts.

The thing showed up at CEATEC this year and looks pretty cool. Toshiba is working on the whole fuel cartridge thing though.

Another nifty point is that when you use a gas to power a device, there is always a by-product, in this case it’s a vapor that disperses as it is released, so no big deal. They are also going to be working on a fuel cell powered laptop, so hopefully that works out as last I checked we don’t exactly have a lack of methane thanks to our numerous landfills.

OMFC Runs on Methanol [via gearlive]

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