Tokyo Flash Kisai Denshoku watch

Another day, another utterly bonkers Tokyo Flash watch.  Today's wrist-mounted slab of confusion is the Kisai Denshoku, apparently inspired by the neon skylines of Tokyo, and telling the time through a series of animated light-up bars.

Press the button on the top-right and the stacked bars first ping up to count the hours, followed by the tens of minutes, and then finally the minutes themselves.  Both black and silver finishes are available, and the Denshoku is constructed from aluminum.  An animation mode pulses the lights vertically once every minute, for twelve minutes, after the time is displayed.

Battery life can be extended by dimming the bars, and pressing the side-button again speeds up the time lights.  The Denshoku weighs 95g and is priced at 23,900 Japanese yen ($247) including five-day worldwide delivery.