Titanfall Matchmaking v2 released as BUILD 2014 sings Azure praises

This week at BUILD 2014, representatives of Microsoft's cloud computing technology Azure spoke up on the launch and continued serving of Titanfall. The game's sessions are all hosted on the cloud – over 100,000 Azure virtual machines were being used on launch day. Also hosted in the cloud – as the entire game is there, as it were – is matchmaking, now hitting its second version, live today.

The AI are server-hosted, it was made clear, this sort of functionality having not been possible on a client-hosted game. With Azure, Titanfall is made possible. If you have a peek at Azure posts over the past few weeks here on SlashGear, you'll find that it's Titanfall post after Titanfall post (seen at the bottom of this article).

As for matchmaking, "Improved Matchmaking Beta" has been launched this week. As of tonight, so says Respawn Entertainment, the "Beta" will no longer be available as an option.

This taking out of the option has been done because both Attrition and Hardpoint modes (in non-Campaign mode) have been given Improved Matchmaking automatically. This functionality will now be initialized without you even thinking about it.