Titanfall Beta codes: where to get them (and what to avoid)

Chris Burns - Feb 14, 2014, 3:54pm CST
Titanfall Beta codes: where to get them (and what to avoid)

While the PC and Xbox One versions of the Titanfall Beta are appearing in access code form this weekend on eBay, we’ve set about looking for a few more sources for those of you not in the mood for waiting. We’ve got our own Titanfall Beta gameplay first-impressions for you to have a peek at while you’re waiting – but you’re going to need to get to work to get yourself a code. So let’s to it!

First – if you’re one of the lucky users to have already pre-ordered Titanfall from GAME.UK, you may already have a Beta code headed your way. According to OXM, the folks at GAME have gifted a select few users who are all “GAME Reward Card holders”, and nothing more. Of course depending on when you read this article, they’ll have all been passed out already.

NOTE: If you have a code for Xbox One and you want to switch to PC – or vice-versa – there’s a page for that: Replacing your incorrect Titanfall code.

UPDATE: This Closed Beta was made open for all on the 15th of February!

Several groups on Twitter have a batch of codes they’re just jumping for joy to distribute. One example is @OriginPC, the custom-build gaming PC brand, giving out Beta codes for PC through each of their social media channels. Everyone’s favorite Xbox official @MajorNelson is also on the case, which earlier today he gave away in an art contest – later today he’s set to just drop em randomly.

One thing you might want to AVOID is people suggesting that you do things (like follow multiple Twitter accounts) in order to earn a code. We’ve seen more than a few scammers running this way overnight, and there’s no reason to think they’ll stop any time soon.

Meanwhile Respawn Entertainment (developers of Titanfall)’s own Vince Zampella, aka @VinceZampella went nuts last night dropping massive amounts of codes through his Twitter. There you’ll want to make sure you’re ready to copy-paste, scan a QR-code, or straight up type and fire, as he’s been releasing codes in a variety of ways.

If you’ve signed up the normal way for Titanfall Beta codes and expect that you’ll get one in your email inbox at any moment, you may want to follow @JonShiring, developer for Respawn. He’s got information on when code waves are dropping as well as news on servers hosting Titanfall when you eventually get to play. The same can be said of @Respawn where their main subject right this minute is Titanfall, with both code giveaways and email wave updates essentially constantly throughout the day and night.

Another way to make sure you’re up on all Respawn news – just incase any of them does a code release – the Respawn Entertainment list on Twitter will have you covered as well.

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