Thrustmaster debuts awesome Ferrari Wireless GT cockpit 430 Scuderia Edition

I have been a big fan of racing games for years on the PC and the PS3. It's so much more fun to play this sort of game with a racing wheel than a track pad. The problem for me is always trying to find a palace to mount my Logitech racing wheel. It isn't comfortable use in my lap and the coffee table is just too short.

Thrustmaster has unveiled a new Ferrari branded racing cockpit that is perfect for the living room racing fan to go with its Ferrari branded game pads. The device is called the Ferrari Wireless GT Cockpit 430 Scuderia Edition. The racing wheel is mounted to an articulating platform that is adjustable for angle and more. The wheel is wireless with a range of 10 meters.

The base of the cockpit is weighted to keep it in place and has a gas and a brake pedal. Alas, the cockpit lacks the clutch and shifter we commonly find on racing wheels today. The wheel is a replica of the one used in the Ferrari 430 Scuderia compete with the Manettino dial and more. The other downside here is that there is no force feedback. The cockpit will ship in June for $249.99.