Three new laptop sleeves from Barry's Farm

Every time I get online it seems I've found a different laptop bag or sleeve that I want to snag for my own. These cute little vinyl laptop sleeves from Barry's Farm are now a few more to tack onto the list. It comes in three different quirky designs to keep your laptop from looking anything but boring.

All three have the same white vinyl backdrop and each with their own layered design on top of it. One is a tree with two tiny red mushrooms in its shade, a sweet pink icecream cone and two hedgehogs kissing with several hearts floating above her head.

Each bag is lined with foam padding and a flanel material liner (the design on the inside may vary). The bag also features a zippered opening, for each bag it will cost you $40.

The Hedgehog Bag from Barry's Farm keeps your laptop snug [via shinyshiny]