CES 2008 : The World’s First Class-6 32GB SDHC Storage in Development

Daniel Lim - Jan 8, 2008

While the fast action digital photographers are dragging their feet in between SD or CF choice of storage, Panasonic announced a new development of a high capacity SD card with industry first 32GB class 6. A protocol type is showing at CES 2008 with speed rate of read/write up to 6/ 20MB per second. Fellow readers, do not laughs its comparison to HD vs BR, it’s not even funny for those with thousands of dollar investment in CF storage. As of now, there are cameras offer both formats for storage in more advanced models but the manufacturer may drop one of them in the future to minimize manufacturing cost. But still image is not what Panasonic has in mind; the compact yet high speed SDHC would be beneficial for the growing industry of ultra compact High Definition SD Camcorders.

Press Release [via panasonic]

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