The USB Santa Claus Boots to keep you warm

Abby McVay - Dec 10, 2007, 8:53 am CST

With Christmas coming up, for most of us it is getting extremely cold outside. Here there is actual snow on the ground, which is pretty as long as I’m looking at it from someplace warm and cozy. These Christmas inspired boots are just the thing to keep you warm.

These over sized slippers all decked out in red and white are heated and powered by USB. Although I am extremely envious of anyone who snags a pair of these I would have to pass on them. I have already gone through a couple of pairs of headphones from walking away from the computer while wearing them. I’d likely trip with these on and end up with a concussion.

The booties come straight from the always quirky Thanko in Japan. For a set of the USB Santa Clause Boots it will cost you right around $27.

ho ho hot: usb santa boots warm your feet
[via technabob]

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