The Turd Twister - just as disgusting as it sounds

I come across some very out-there gadgets from time to time, but this one is just disturbing. I seriously hope you aren't eating right now, if you are, you might want to read this after you are done, depending on what you can stomach. They call it the Turd Twister and it's exactly what you think it is.

You know those childhood toys where you push the Play Dough through the hole and you get a long string with a star shape. It's works like that, except you aren't using Play Dough. Don't worry according to the diagram they do their best to keep your comfort in mind

The Turd Twister starter kit is priced at $9.95. On the bright side, they are selling this product as a gag gift and not as a serious one. Although sadly, you know at least a couple people have tried to actually use it.

Grossest gadget ever – The Turd Twister [via coolest-gadgets]