The T-Phone - Because your grandmother is half-blind

Have you ever seen an advertisement for a product that makes you stop and ask yourself "did they really just say that?" If not, then you'll be happy to find your first one here. The first image seems harmless enough, but it's the subsequent images that disturb me.

The T-Phone sounds like an interesting idea. You have your regular(ish) phone with a number pad, then a big call button at the bottom. You can take a special pre-programed picture of the person you're wanting to call and press it against that big call button. The RFID sensor will detect who you want to call and dial the number for you.

"Your grandmother is half-blind, we just thought we'd let you know." That's what this cries out to me. On top of that they go on to inform you that she can't remember phone numbers in small print that she won't be able to read without the use of a magnifying glass. They even put a picture of one next to the text, just in case grandma needs a hint.

Don't get me wrong, I think this is a pretty cool concept. Their advertising just struck me funny. I think it's a bit humorous actually, though I'm not sure what my grandma would think of it, provided she was able to read it.

Seniors Hate Dialing, Apparently [via yankodesign]