The SunSpa keeps your pets tanned and happy

This is one of those products that makes you pause for a moment and pray that they are kidding. However, I assure you, this tanning bed is real and meant for your furry companions.

Everyone has seen a feline lying in a window, basking in the sun. So it is only logical that dogs and cats raised in a bomb shelter would need an alternative source of light. Surely that's what this was created for, animals suppressed into environments with absolutely no windows. It can't possibly be another gadget for those with entirely too much money to spend even more cash on their pampered pets.

The SunSpa stays right around 80-85 degrees, keeping your pets warm and comfy. The Crypton Fabric surface can last for 5000 hours using 150 watts of power. The upholstery is thankfully odor resistant, water resistant, stain resistant and machine washable. Well even if it is an extremely silly product, at least they were smart enough to make the upholstery pet friendly.

[via bornrich]