The Solar Powered Sun Lounger

A solar powered sun lounger is one of those ideas that you feel like an idiot for not thinking up yourself. It just seems so obvious, it sits in the sun, you lounge in it. You quite obviously have gadgets, so why not charge them while slowly baking your skin to charred little bits.

This is actually an idea thought up by designers over at PC World. The solar panel could charge the usual small gadgets we carry everywhere, MP3 players, phones, cameras, etc.  The lounger would also include docks for you camera and MP3 player.  As well as having USB ports wifi, Bluetooth, speakers, game console holder, LCD screen and headphone sockets.

Which makes this device a bit on the unrealistic side, due to the tech devices not being so great in the rain.  The nice thing is that they also threw in a sliding laptop table so you can work in the sun. It would also be likely to leave you with a very sexy laptop shaped tan line if you're not careful.

[via techdigest]