The Solar Mosquito Guard

Even summer has its down sides, shocking, but true. One of them is you always have to wear that nasty bug repellent if you are going into the great outdoors. Well this solar anti-mosquito guard might be just the alternative to keep you from smelling like repellent all the time.

I have a deep hatred for bug repellent; I'm all the time looking for alternatives like lavender and any other herbal choice. Either way you end up buying things constantly to keep the bugs away. The solar guard is nice because it's reusable.

It emits a barely audible high frequency wave that scares away all of the nearby mosquitoes. It's pocket sized with a keychain and belt clip. It takes three hours of sunlight to fully charge the battery. I just hope the high pitched sound doesn't bother all the dogs in your neighborhood. However, for $8 a piece it's worth a shot either way.

[via product page]