The Solar Frog Light just glows with class

I don't know when exactly it is the frogs became the anointed stoner mascot, but somehow it happened. For some reason even though this frog was not meant to be perceived in that light, it definitely looks like the hippie frogs that don't want to go way.

It doesn't help that the frog glows either, you know, the shiny factor. Alright, so its not really that bad, it's just a simple little solar-powered garden frog. It's not my fault if the sight of it makes me laugh more than I'm sure is necessary.

To get one of these oh so classy frogs it will cost you $30 a pop. Save up your dough and you could have an army of glowing green frogs, and please send me a picture. I promise to make an attempt to control my amusement, ok, probably not. Let's face it, I'm already rolling at the thought of it, so the actual sight would be enough to send me into a whole new fit of laughter.

Solar Frog Light Proves You're a Man of the People [via gizmodo]