The PLX Kiwi detects bad driving habits to save gas money

With gas prices on the rise, finding ways to save on gas money in anyway possible is always extremely helpful to at least keep the price tag manageable. Besides getting a new more fuel efficient car, sometimes it's hard to find new ways to bring down the price though. That's where this little gadget comes in.

It actually monitors your driving habits and lets you know which ones to try to alter to increase the gas mileage. It does this by tapping into your car's on board computer diagnostic port. One cool extra perk is that it detects when you check engine light is on and if it doesn't need to be it shuts it off. Which is great for some, I know my Saturn has an actual issue that all of them around the same year have. Where the light just stays on all the time, even when nothing is wrong.

When the Kiwi looks into the cars computer it will detect smoothness (driving at a steady speed), drag (wind resistance your car faces), acceleration and deceleration. It will then give you a full report on what needs changed. The company claims that it will give you an average fuel savings of 20% and will save you anywhere from $500-$1000 per year. It will be available later this month for $299.

[via greenoptions]