The Pepper Spray Stunning Ring

Abby McVay - Aug 29, 2007

If you have the need to keep some kind of security on your body at all times you might want the discreet security of this Pepper Spray Stunning Ring. In case you were somehow confused by the name the stunning part is done by its sheer beauty.

Although the only person that might find this ring attractive is Mr. T, the portability of the pepper spray is extremely alluring. It carries the strongest dose of pepper spray available which is over 400 times the amount of the jalapeno. Although it is difficult to tell it does actually have a safety on the side. It projects a 12 inch spray that is able to nauseate and of course burn like hell.

The ring comes in the extremely cheesy gold and a slightly less cheesy silver. It is priced at $30 and the refills are $8.

Pepper Spray Ring Keeps You Safe [via geekologie]

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