The Penguin Tea Timer

Those who drink tea on a regular basis know what a fine line it is when steeping your tea. Too long its bitter, to short and you aren't going to get much flavor. Unless you set your regular egg timer to go off when its done, its easy to forget about it.

This little penguin not only times it but it pulls your tea out when its finished. That way even if you don't hear the timer your tea will have the perfect amount of flavor. You just may have to reheat it a bit if you leave it for too long. The down side is that it only workes with tea bags, and not the metal infusers.

It also works as a regular timer and can run for up to 20 minutes. The penguin comes in two different styles, one without the tophat for $12.98 or the one with the top hat for $18.98.

Perfectly brewed tea with the Penguin Tea Timer [via popgadget]