The Ostoure Street Bike Looks Amazing, Offers In-Helmet HUD

Evan Selleck - Aug 9, 2010
The Ostoure Street Bike Looks Amazing, Offers In-Helmet HUD

As far as we can tell, the look and feel of the standard street bike is going to change drastically between now, and five years from now. With each and every concept we see make its way to the public eye, they get more extravagant, and feature-enabled. This time around, the Ostoure street bike, which takes quite a few aesthetic approaches from sources like Persepolis, along with plenty of one-eyed robotic fictional characters out there. Aircraft elements make a play for exposure here, too, with those handlebars looking more like jet fighter controls than anything else. But, most importantly, that Heads-Up Display.

The HUD is actually integrated with the helmet, which will give you an in-depth read-out of what’s going on with your bike. You’ll get real-time access to your fuel level, speed, as well as RPMs. The screen is right on the visor of the helmet, but shouldn’t be so obtrusive that you’ll get distracted from watching the road. The helmet also features speakers, which we hope means you’ll get to pump our your favorite jam while you’re reading around.

With improved aerodynamics, the sexiness of a Batman bike, and the technology to keep you in the future, the Ostoure is one concept that needs to see the light of day. Then again, with bikes looking so futuristic, we need to start seeing some of those car concepts make their way to the manufacturing floors, too.

[via The Design Blog]

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