The Nose Mask Pit - a much more attractive way to fight allergies

I am one that my allergies won't kill me or cause me to go on medication to treat them, however, when I'm exposed to certain environments I can end up with a sinus infection for a week. My biggest issue is if I want to listen to a local band, smoky bars are a nightmare for me.

My charming Doctor who is always complaining about people who smoke has suggested I wear a face mask on several occasions. I tend to think its more to guilt smokers into not smoking around me. However, being stubborn and not wanting to look like a dork I have learned to deal and refuse to wear one. This little Nose Mask Pit is barely visible and would make it so I could be in smoky places a lot more often without having to worry.

I have to wonder if it would be less help than a typical mask, since normal masks cover both the mouth and nose. Either way it would definitely slow down the sneezes quite a bit. To snag your own it will cost you $14.

[via ohgizmo]