The Nightliner Flashlight - lets you see what's coming

I am a little bit of a klutz and it usually ends up that when the sun goes down I get worse. This new Nightliner Flashlight is just the thing to keep you on your feet.

It has two separate beams one is forward facing and one that points down as well. You can make it so that just the lower one is on if you are worried about it shining in someone's eyes. My absolute favorite time to go hiking is at night, but I get annoyed by how much I have to flip the light around to keep myself upright. I think I might have to pick up one of these for myself.

The flashlight is being sold for $29.95, you can also get a 7-year warranty for it that costs $7.99. The flashlight also features an ergonomic and lightweight design for when you are carrying it for long periods of time.

Nightliner Lights the Darkness, No Cursing Necessary [via gizmodo]