The Last of Us seven episode TV series created by game fan

The video game The Last of Us has been around long enough that you might think we have seen everything when it comes to the game. A fan has created something that is cool and will appeal to other fans and perhaps even to those who haven't played the game at all. The fan, Grant Voegtle, created a seven episode series he calls a cinematic playthrough of the game.

The videos are designed and produced to cut out the combat elements of the game and focus on the story, characters, and the ruined world The Last of Us is based in. The goal of the video series isn't to help people beat the game, which is what most walkthroughs are meant to do.

The goal was to get players who have never played the game to want to play it without ever picking up a controller. The goal of these videos is to highlight the storyline of the game. Each of the videos is 30-40 minutes long and takes Voegtle about 20 to 30 hours of work each.

After completing the final video in The Last of Us series, Voegtle says that he is going to take a long break and then go on to making analysis videos of other titles he is interested in such as Bloodborne and Far Cry 4. The latest episode of the video series is below for you to check out.

SOURCE: The Verge