The Industry’s First Smart CompactFlash card from Ridata

Daniel Lim - Jan 4, 2008, 12:12pm CST

I reckon my CompactFlash been to interesting places and they are still working like new. On top of my head, washer (not the LG :)), dryer, freezer, swamp, swimming lesson..etc.The industry most reliable media format will get another boost by Advanced Media to push CompactFlash’s data integrity and reliability in a much safer ground. Ridata will introduce new line of SMART CompactFlash Card at CES 2008 features self-monitoring analysis and reporting technology that’s commonly found on magnetic hard drives and RAM memory to minimum data loss. The new series are the Supreme 150X (up to 8GB capacity-SLC format) and Lightning (up to 16GB MLC format)

The Advanced Media president, Harvey Liu stated “We are pleased to introduce the RIDATA SMART CompactFlash card, which is the first of its kind in the industry,” The new rugged and Smart CompactFlash also automatic power management function, embedded on-the-fly ECC corrections and supported Ultra Mode up to 4.

Advanced Media Announces RIDATA SMART CompactFlash Card [cdrlabs]

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