The Dead iPod Song

At least with the Xbox 360 you get the Red Ring of Death to inform you that things have gone south in a major way, with an iPod, you get no indication. Your iPod just won't turn on, so you try charging it, still won't work.

Then you try connecting it to your computer, still won't work. Sometimes, your iPod just dies, without warning.

Usually that's my cue to go by the latest and greatest model available. For some, they'd rather send it in to be repaired, or sell it for parts, which is a great option, well, there is a song now for all of you with broken iPods, a song that tries to make sense of it all. I have no clue who the song is by, or who the two guys in the video are, but iJustine is in it, in case you didn't know, she is quite possibly the most attractive Apple FanBoy (for lack of a less gender specific name for it) there is.

[via CrunchGear]