The Daily Slash: September 30th 2010

As we mark the last hours of the final day of September, we're left with only one thing to do: The Daily Slash. So, welcome to tonight's edition. In our story from around the Web, it looks like Time Warner's CEO is chiming in about Apple TV's pricing, and he's not a fan. And then, just as we do every night, we'll wrap up what's been going on in the R3 Media Network.

From Around the Web

Time Warner CEO Says Apple TV Pricing Will Jeopardize Sales: Jeff Bewkes threw in his two cents regarding the pricing for the content found on Apple's Apple TV. He said his piece at the Royal Television Conference in London, and he said that Apple's pricing for low-cost rentals threaten sales of TV shows to branded networks. Bewkes pointed out that "new entrants" like Apple need to put up a "superior TV experience," while doing their part to stimulate the market, and improving the overall economics. [via Apple Insider]

R3 Media Network


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