The Cyber Snipa Dog Tag-if MacGyver had a USB drive...

Are you bored with the same old USB drives? Now you can have one that looks like something MacGyver would have carried around. The Cyber Snipa Dog Tag is a little flash drive that looks like a dog tag and is perfectly wearable. No one even has to know its geeky uses. It looks plain, although a bit heavy to be your average dog tag. It even has a few extra attachments for some super stealthy activities.

This USB drive comes with an LED flashlight, a can opener (not kidding), a screw driver and pliers. I want the can opener for school; I'm one of those cheap students that bring in Spaghetti O's and heat them up, as opposed to purchasing their overpriced food. Other than that I can't really see a need for that can opener in any other situation. However, I do know a lot of techies that would love having the other attachments around, provided it doesn't fall apart upon use.

The memory comes in sizes anywhere from 512MB – 4GB, this of course means the price goes up as well. The prices range from $39-$149.

USB Keys with Flashlights for the Handy Geek [via chipchick]