The chic space age hybrid Antro Solo

The Antro Solo is a gas electric hybrid weighing in at a low 600 Lbs. With its carbon fiber chassis, this hybrid gets 150 MPG and has solar panels across the top to help power the electric portion of its engine. Other than weighing 600 Lbs. and getting 150 MPG this Hybrid gas electric solar car can go up to 80 MPH.

That means you could drive from New York City to Los Angeles on a little less than 19 gallons of gas

Other than the chic space age look of this vehicle the inside will surprise you, we are all use to having one passenger on our right side when we drive. When you drive this vehicle you will be doing so with a passenger on each side of you, including two extra sets of pedals for the passengers to help boost the car along on a dreary day.

This vehicle is a prototype right now, and unless you import one from Budapest, Hungary you won't be seeing it here in the states for a very long time.