The Bullet makes WiFi out of any antenna

Now this is cool! The Bullet is a small little gadget that doesn't look like much of anything but really packs in the functionality with WiFi connectivity. The Bullet can be plugged into just about any antenna. Once plugged in, it can turn that radio signal into a 802.11abg WiFi connection. That equates to 1000mW of power. You definitely can't get that sort of power from a standard WiFi hotspot.

Inside The Bullet is 16MB of RAM, 4MB of flash, an Atheros processor and 100Mbps Ethernet. AirOS software is also included and it adds on many router-esque features like uPnP, NAT, DHCP, port-forwarding, web configuration, bridge mode and more. And at $39, The Bullet won't break the bank, giving you more cash for other gadgety pursuits.