Thanks To Pixar, Steve Jobs Makes An Appearance At 2010 Oscars

Despite the fact the Oscars has shown off a few extra features this year, like The Legion of Extraordinary Dancers and a performance from James Taylor, nothing has been as big a shock as seeing Steve Jobs walking the red carpet. The co-founder of the Cupertino=based company was found walking amongst the stars of Hollywood, managing to only stand out a little bit. At least to one person.

One blogger in particular spotted Jobs as he made his way into the Oscars. Wayne Sutton was the only member of the press shouting for Jobs' attention, probably making him stand out more than anything else. Sutton responded to MediaMemo's Peter Kafka by email regarding the picture you see here. He told Kafka that he was the only one yelling from his section of the bleachers, and that people were staring not only at him, but also Jobs, but only because they were confused why anyone would want to speak to someone not in a movie. Of course, there's all sorts of reasons to want to speak to Steve Jobs, and we're hoping Sutton was happy enough just seeing him.

So, why's Jobs making an appearance at the Oscars? Well, he sold Pixar to Disney back in 2006, and the company is up for quite a few awards tonight. Of course, it'd be better if he was ready to hand out some iPads (right, Sutton?), but that's probably not the case. Then again, if you didn't see the iPad advertisement at the beginning of the big night, go ahead and head on over here to sneak a peak.

[via MediaMemo]