Texas Instruments unveils new nHD DLP Pico chipset at MWC

Of all the advancements in smartphones and feature phones over the last year or so, one of the most exciting is the integration of pico projectors inside mobile phones. Adding a projector inside a mobile phone opens a new world of viewing possibilities for mobile games and video.Texas Instruments has unveiled a new DLP Pico chipset at MWC called the nHD that is thinner and smaller than existing Pico projector chipsets currently available. This thinner chipset will allow handset designers to integrate pico projectors into devices with smaller form factors. TI reports that production for the new chipset will start in Q2 2010.

The nHD DLP chipset has interesting features include a resolution of 640 x 360. The chip offers contrast up to 1000:1 for deeper blacks and brighter whites. RGB LED tech allows for a wider color gamut and the chipset has better power efficiency. The chipset uses a new low power Pico DPP2601/2607 ASIC processor. The chipset allows the optical module to be 20% thinner and 50% smaller than a WVGA chipset with full offset.