Terrafugia flying car to be shown at New York Auto Show

There are people all around the world that have dreamed of a car that they can drive on the streets and park in the garage at home, which can turn into an airplane and fly. A company called Terrafuiga created the first practical flying cars that could turn that dream into reality. The company calls the flying car the Transition.

The Transition will be shown off at the New York Auto Show this coming April. The prototype is described as a "roadable aircraft" and it was cleared for production last July by the National Highway Safety Administration. At the show, the company will be showing off the car and letting people see the Transition change from car mode to flight mode.

You can check out the video below to see the transition to flight mode occur. It's very cool how the wings fold for clearance when driving or parking and unfold easily when it's time to fly. When in flight mode, the aircraft is powered by a small propeller behind the passenger cabin. The vehicle that will be shown at the New York Auto Show is said to be an actual production prototype. If you want your own Transition flying car you can plunk down $10,000 on the final price of $279,000 when the car launches.

[via PCMag]