Telenav Scout's '3 screens' pushed as Web, Phone, and Car

This week the folks at Telenav are speaking on Scout, their newest effort in the mobile space for a fully-integrated GPS-based experience. This application takes on everything Telenav has learned since their inception and makes it a reality on a smartphone – have a peek at the newest update to this app from this past week. In their talks about how the company is growing at a great rate year to year across the earth but especially here in the USA, Telenav touted their "Seamless 3-Screen User Experience", this including oh the phone, in the car, and on your computer at home.

This three screen experience starts at home with Scout.ME – this being a website where you can make your experience what you want it using Telenav's vast database of places, events, and of course navigation. Have a peek at our hands-on video from back at CES to see the next step:

If you check that post out from earlier this year you'll find that the app in-car was nearly ready to rock at the level we're seeing now here a bit closer to Summer. Scout for Cars as it's called is now up and running fully, and all features are live, including Voice Navigation which for several unforeseeable reasons was not available earlier this year.

Telenav's Scouts are Suburban Trendsetters and Young Adventurers – are you one of those two groups? Have a peek at the app for iPhone now! Telenav apps with Scout abilities will be available on carriers, built-in with Android phones for example, with different branding and a slightly different look throughout the year and over time.