TDS Recon 200X - Rugged PDA Can Stand Up To Fifth Grade Bully

Great for contractors, military personnel, or those looking to reenact their favorite high-impact video games, the TDS Recon 200X is one tough PDA. Meeting Mil. Spec. for drops, vibrations, and extreme temperatures is no easy venture for a PDA, I mean I doubt you'll see anyone in Iraq with an iPhone.

Other than that the device runs Windows Mobile version 5, and has Bluetooth, WiFi, and at least a 200Mhz processor. The thing will hold two CompactFlash cards which should take care of any storage issues. TDS kept the Recon 200X nice and light despite all those features it only weighs 17 ounces or just over a pound. The cost for such a device is a weighty $1611.95 and can be purchased from SmartDevices.

TDS Recon 200X Ruggedised PDA for Die Hard fans and the like [via shinyshiny]