Tattoos for the Elderly: Who doesn't love a bad-ass granny?

A good portion of you have probably seen my article on the baby tattoos, which sent quite a few readers into an uproar. Yes, over baby tattoos. Now you can argue over something new, Tattoos for the Elderly.

Now keep in mind these are temporary, just like the baby tattoos and are from the same creators. The tattoos are more than a little hilarious; they feature pill organizers and buggies. They would be great for a prank gift for someone agonizing over their 40th birthday.

While baby tattoos are a bit ignorant, I think these are great. Provided you aren't sneaking them onto your 90 year old Grandmother while she is sleeping. For 13 tattoos it is $4.99.

Tattoos for the Elderly – get your gran on... [via Red Ferret]