Targus Universal Wall Power Adapters Recalled Due to Reports of Burned Consumers

It's never good for a company to have to recall their product. Furthermore, it's down-right awful when they have to recall their products because they're hurting people, but that's exactly what's happening to Targus right now. Unfortunately for the company that manufactures the Universal Wall Power Adapter for laptops, it has had to make a major recall after reports started coming in of over-heating connector tips.

Targus Universal Wall Power Adapters have been out for awhile, after being sold across the country from several different retail locations, and since then the company has received over 500 complaints that the connector tips overheat. This eventually lead to 8 reports that customers had been burned by the tips, which has lead to a recall of massive proportions. Over half a million Power Adapters, which were manufactured in China, have been recalled.

In addition to the burn victims, there were 50 other reports saying that the plastic covering above the connectors have actually melted. So, if you purchased one of these Power Adapters, which were sold at places like Walmart, Best Buy, and Staples, it's time to take yours in, so that you don't run the risk of injuring yourself. Check out the link to Comarco's website below for detailed instructions on how to get your replacement.

[via WalletPop; via Comarco]