Tango will beat Skype to Windows Phone Mango

With Microsoft recently finalizing the purchase of Skype you might think that the first video calling service on the coming Mango smartphones would be Skype. That would be wrong. The start-up video conferencing firm Tango will be the first video calling app on Mango devices according to the company. We have talked a bit about Tango in the past.

Tango was the app used to demonstrate video calling on Windows Phone devices in September. The service has been on Android and the iPhone previously. With the purchase of Skype, the video calling technology will eventually be embedded deep inside the Windows Phone OS. With the time it takes for that sort of integration, Tango will be the stop gap.

Forbes reports that a Skype representative declined to comment on Skype and Windows Phone integration. Beating Skype onto the Mango platform could be huge for Tango. Analysts have predicted that Mango will be the fastest growing OS next year. Tango should hit the Windows Phone platform on November 7.

[via Forbes]