Take Off and Landing Flight Trainer RC Plane

Rue Liu - Dec 13, 2006, 2:29 am CST

We’ve been paying a lot of attention lately to RC toys, so here goes another one worth a look. The “Take Off and Landing Flight Trainer Plane” from Hammacher Schlemmer, is a 1/10th scale electric plane that can taxi and take off under the power of its twin engines instead of hand-launching like with other beginner RC planes.

The twin engines provide double the power for take-off, propel the plane up to 20mph (200 mph scale speed), and allows easier steering for first-time flyers. A two-channel transmitter controls climbing and descending while the thrust-vector steering guides the plane through turns by adjusting the amount of power to each engine.
The plane has a 750-foot flying range and can fly up to five minutes before needing to recharge. Charge time takes about 30 minutes. The plane is designed by Estes, a renowned maker of model airplanes and rockets for nearly 50 years, and is crafted from damage-resistant material including plastic laminated foam wings. Priced at $99.95.

A Beginners RC Plane [Via: CoolestGadgets]

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