Zune price-cut spurs Amazon sales

Update: As ever, our intrepid SlashGear commentors come to the rescue.  It looks like Amazon incorrectly tagged several iPod models, causing them to be left off the hard-drive based sales list.  As of update, they’ve still not corrected the issue; however in the full portable audio chart the iPod Touch pre-order is sitting happily at the top (complete with prescient user reviews).

Cynical we techies may be about Microsoft’s Zune and its appeal as a PMP, but the general public once again demonstrates that at the end of the day price plays one of the biggest factors.  Since the cost of the white 1st-gen 30GB player dropped to a mere $169.99 on Amazon US – thirty bucks more than the $50 reduction Microsoft announced – it’s hit the number one spot on the retailer’s hard-drive based PMP sales list.



Zune Price Drops $50, People Continue Listening To iPods

So Microsoft has officially lowered the price of the Zune, their 30GB media player, by $50. That makes it $199 each, or $50 cheaper than the current gen iPod of the same capacity.

However, I would be willing to wager that even though the Zune has more features, and now has a cheaper price than the iPod, even if Apple weren’t releasing new ones tomorrow, they iPod would still outsell the Zune.


Microsoft Zune 2 and Flash-based Zune break cover

Here’s something you’re unlikely to see at IFA 2007 – the first photos of Microsoft’s next-gen PMP models, the Zune 2 and Zune Flash.  The former is indicated as having an 80GB hard-drive (a leap from the original Zune’s 30GB) while the latter – the first PMP from Microsoft to use solid-state memory – is shown in 4GB and 8GB flavours.



Humor: Microsoft Zune Phone Mockup, It Could Be Worse

No, it couldn’t, who am I kidding. So some people went to the trouble of making an entire video of what they thought the Zune Phone (zPhone?) would look like and some of its features if it were to be made.


Those features include a rotary phone dialing interface, Polaroid camera (the film type, not the camera brand), and a blinking LED digital alarm clock. Oh yeah, and the fully charged battery was dead by the end of the short video.


Microsoft Zune for $149.99 at Woot.com

Yeah, I know its kind of late, but I assume they will go fast. Woot has the 30GB White Zune for sale for $149.99, that’s a savings of $100.

It’s a good portable media player with such features as built in WiFi and an FM radio. Other than that it has a leg up on the iPod on screen size too.

So get’em while their hot. I have a feeling they will go pretty quickly.

US Military Granted Access To Special Edition Halo 3 Zune

I know not what the difference between the military edition and the civilian edition are, other than maybe serial numbers. The military edition Halo 3 Zunes are available this month and the first batch shipped out with a group of soldiers leaving from Baltimore Washington.


Belkin “Find Us A New Slogan” Contest Winner

The time has finally come for a winner to be announced. First lets list what they’ve won. The contents of this gracious prize pack from our wonderful sponsors at Belkin are as follows: a TuneBase™ FM Transmitter for Zune™ F8M026 and the TunePower® for Zune™ F8M027.


Microsoft confirms a new Zune on the way in time for the holidays

Despite the fact that the Zune has sold over a million units, it’s still not considered to be that popular. I’ve known a few people to own one, and all of them have either gotten rid of them, or tried to get rid of them. Perhaps they’ll do better with Zune 2.0?


Zune DRM Cracked

FairUse4WM only removed the restrictions up until now. The DRM is cracked and users of version 1.3 of the FairUse4WM software are reporting that the new software completely removes the DRM from Zune music.


Rumor – New larger flash-based Zune codenamed Scorpio

If you’re excited about the new flash-based Zune codenamed Draco, but wishing it held more tunes, then you’ll love this next bit from the rumormill. They may be launching a bigger flash-based Zune alongside the Draco.


Updated – Ballmer to Europe – No Zune for you!

For those of you on the other side of the pond, I’ve got some tragic news. You won’t be getting a Zune this year. I know you’re heartbroken, but Microsoft isn’t turning a profit, and I don’t think they expect you to buy them anyway.


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