Rumor: Yamaha BOBBY

I only put the rumor tag because it sounds kind of hoaky, I’ll give you the info, and let you do your own research, or determine based on what I give you, whether you think it’s real or not. So, we have all seen folding electric bikes, well maybe not all of us, but a good number of you have probably at least heard of the things.

This is no different, the handle bars fold down, the back wheel folds up, all is good right? Till you get to the part in the imaginary instruction booklet where it tells you that you need your FeliCa enabled phone to start it.


Yamaha Tenori-On Sequencer or A/V Art?

So it is a device, covered, at least on the front, in LED back-lit rubber buttons. Not only do these buttons work to make music, but with the built in visuals while the thing is working, they create art.

There is a video below, and that guy is clearly not having his first go at the device. However, it does seem simple enough, and with a low enough learning curve that it would probably be fairly easy to learn to use with some practice.


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